Monday, October 3, 2011

hate u

I hate your name,
I hate your walking life,
I hate your voice,
all about hating for you.

i hate you damn much,
because of you make my life so darkness,
you leave me alone,
not for a few moment but forever.

How can I say that I hate you much more,
hate you like crazy,
much more than insane,
So I hate you........

because of you i'm always cry,
because of you i'm hating all people,
because of you i'm never thinking about superman this time,
and because of you my life should be strong...

Now, i'm happy with my friends,
they give me more since you leave me alone,
yeah, you leave me forever,
but i'm actually happy than you right now....

to my Friends,
Thanks you because make my life sweet more than gula-sula sposen, believe that my friendship never ending until my life well be gone.. Please walking togather even you all so far from me.. Be strong first yeah.. Should be trying, trying and never crying, cayyok!!